Our background and vision

Esca Global (Asia) Limited based in Hong Kong is a business partner of Esca Global AS (Norwegian company,Esca Global AS, organization number: 985 087 415,which was closed in Norway in July, 2014) for products development, manufacturing, global sales and marketing of Esca® products. Since July 2014, Esca Asia company and Esca inventors have continued their product inventions, sales and marketing services for global market. Esca Asia company together with the inventors aim to be the leading company in development, production and sales distribution of patented Esca Technology using energy generation in saltwater and simulated biological light-wave frequencies (Bioluminescence) for attracting marine organisms.

A founder of Esca Asia together with an Norwegain Esca's founder were granted the technology patents. Esca Asia together with the inventors can well maintain a high quality of Esca products through an efficient in-house factory management system in the vertical production, QC and QA. Esca products with our patented technology will be invented and developed both for hobby fishermen, sports fishermen and for the commercial fishing market.

Esca Asia aims to supply the markets with more patented technology solutions which will help achieve more cost-effective production of fish in fish farms, increase catch-rate for traditional commercial fisheries, and also which will help harvest zooplankton as a raw ingredient for the food industry, dietary products, medicines and the fish feed industry. At the same time, our patented Esca Technology will help to improve the ecological balance of the marine environment.

"Our aim is to give people More Fish and More Fun”

Who we are
At Esca Asia company and inventors work as a team to achieve our goals and those of our customers.

Our customers are people who go fishing as a hobby or who are sports or commercial fishermen, and we develop our Esca products solely with them in mind.

More Fish – More Fun
We aim to use our Esca technology, knowledge and creativity to go that extra yard with our customers More Fish – More Fun.
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Esca® – Attracts fish
Powered by saltwater
Improves all lures
Imitates nature´s lure lights
Generate EM field to lure fish
Makes lures and bait come alive

Rig Esca® with your lure – catch more fish!