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Lowrance Conference in South Africa

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南海油田夜釣行 -  紅甘(章紅)大狙擊:
2012 June Issue Editorial

緬甸安達曼海 Andaman Sea 戰況
Esca 艾斯卡結合鐵板假餌釣組的Jigging釣法
Esca in Andaman Sea 1
Esca in Andaman Sea 2

Esca 艾斯卡結合生餌釣組的漂流釣法

Esca 艾斯卡結合仕掛釣組釣法
May Issue Editorial P1
May Issue Editorial P2

Image of the moment

Esca® – Attracts fish
Powered by saltwater
Improves all lures
Imitates nature´s lure lights
Generate EM field to lure fish
Makes lures and bait come alive

Rig Esca® with your lure – catch more fish!