3. Do I need to do anything special to take care of my Esca®?

Your Esca® is made of robust components that can withstand everything from the depths of more than 1,000 meters to being knocked around in your tackle box. However, here are a couple of tips should you notice reduced performance.
  • Gold plating
    When not in use, keep your Esca® away from salt water to prolong its lifetime. If you notice a white coating on the gold plating, carefully scrape this coating away with your fingernail or something similar. This coating could hamper performance.

  • Metal disk
    After a couple of uses, the silver metal disk in the center of the Esca® will begin to look corroded. This is due to normal chemical reactions between metal and salt water. You do not need to file / scrape / or do anything to clean it off. What you can do is to immerse the Esca in salt water for a minute or two. When the metal disk gets saturated in the water, it will automatically recover and function properly again.

    After many uses or after a long storage period, the metal disk on your Esca® will be oxidized and will turn dark grey in color. This color change will not reduce the effectiveness of the Esca®.

    To prolong the life of your Esca®, we suggest that anglers rinse their Esca® with fresh water after their every fishing trip! However, this is not a necessity. We have tested Esca® in which the metal disks were seriously rusted and the gold plating had a thick white coating. These samples had been continuously immersed in salt water for more than 120 hours. We cleaned off the white coating and they functioned perfectly again!
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