15. What is the product lifetime of Esca®?

Your Esca® unit will last for a minimum of 100 hours of active fishing. This means the actual number of hours that the Esca® is in the water. Esca® activates on contact with salt water and deactivates when removed from salt water.

Esca® uses no batteries and is powered by salt water. All Esca® have a silver-colored disk on one side, made of an environmentally-friendly metal. During use in saltwater, this metal component gradually shrinks until it disappears and the unit stops working.
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Esca® – Attracts fish
Powered by saltwater
Improves all lures
Imitates nature´s lure lights
Generate EM field to lure fish
Makes lures and bait come alive

Rig Esca® with your lure – catch more fish!