17. When should I use green Esca® and when should I use blue Esca®?

Based on research and extensive testing, Esca Global As has chosen specific green and blue light wavelengths that are the predominant lure lights emitted by krill, plankton, squid and many marine organisms.

In sea waters, our blue light penetrates the farthest. Blue light penetrates approximately 250 meters or even deeper while green light penetrates approximately 50 meters. However, it depends upon quality of the sea water in the water environment!

Clearness of the water also has an impact on light penetration. The open ocean has lower concentrations of dissolved matter, particles and phytoplankton – therefore the ocean looks blue because light is not scattered/absorbed and the light remains blue. Deep water fish species usually hunt by detecting blue light in the deep ocean. Coastal waters, on the other hand, particularly those with high concentrations of phytoplankton, looks green and darker because plant pigments absorb blue and red light and reflect and scatter green light. Shallow water fish species usually hunt by detecting green light in coastal waters.

General rule: Esca® Blue preferably for clear and /or deep water – Esca® Green preferably for murky and /or shallower water.

But again, there is not an exact answer because sea conditions are constantly changing. We encourage our customers to have the Esca® Blue; and the Esca® Green; -- and to have both Esca® multi-blink and fading light versions of each light color. This gives anglers the flexibility to try out different combinations to see what works best on a particular day.

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