23. Why should I use Esca®?

Esca® is a genuinely new and innovative product that helps you catch more fish!


Attracts fish – In saltwater, Esca® in an attractor that replicates the wavelength, intensity and frequency of light emitted by different types of fish and plankton.
Triggers hunting instincts – Esca® also creates an electromagnetic field that triggers the hunting and biting instincts in fish.
Improves visibility – Esca® improves the visibility of your lures and tackle – thereby improving your odds
Use with all lures – Combine Esca® with all lures and tackle to catch more fish
Use Esca® for all types of salt water fishing including: jigging, trolling casting and more.
No batteries
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Esca® – Attracts fish
Powered by saltwater
Improves all lures
Imitates nature´s lure lights
Generate EM field to lure fish
Makes lures and bait come alive

Rig Esca® with your lure – catch more fish!